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FuneralHomes.com has developed this series of questions we hope you will find useful in your time of need. If you have a question for FuneralHomes.com, there is a submission box at the bottom of the page. Please use this resource to further educate yourself on the funeral process and how funeral homes operate.

  1. Are there different size caskets and styles?
    The sizes may vary in many ways. They start at the infant size casket and increase to an adult size. There are also caskets available for those individuals that may have been taller or wider than the average size adult . There are different styles of caskets; one example is a half couch casket. This is where the casket does not show the bottom half of the deceased. Then there is a full couch casket where the entire body of the deceased is viewed.
  2. Can a family member or friend witness the casket being closed at the funeral home?
    Someone may witness the casket being closed. This would also be the time to let the funeral director know which items you want to stay in the casket and those you want to take out as far as the personal effects that were placed inside.
  3. If there are two losses at the same time in the same family can both of the deceased individuals be viewed in the same room at the same time?
    Yes it can be done. Both caskets can be placed foot end to foot end or head to head. This way they can both be viewed in an ethical and formal manner.
  4. What happens to the flower arrangements after the funeral service ends?
    The flower arrangements can be taken home by family and friends; or the flowers can be donated to the local church, nursing home, or hospital.
  5. What items can family and friends place inside the casket of a loved one?
    All types of personal effects can be placed inside the casket. Just about any item that you would like to send with your loved one is permitted. But if the request is very unusual, you should consult the funeral home director.
  6. How many people does the limousine hold?
    Funeral limousines that are made for the specific use of funerals holds six passengers in the rear of the car and holds an additional person up front with the driver. Some cars that are not specifically made for funerals may vary in the number of people they can hold.
  7. Can bad weather inhibit the burial services of the deceased?
    Yes it can, depending on where the burial is taking place. Example: snow and ice can play a difficult part if the ground is frozen and the grave is not able to be opened. In that case, the cemetery has a holding area where the deceased is held until the ground can be moved.
  8. How long after the burial can a headstone be put in place?
    Every cemetery is different. They all have their own rules and regulations. But in order to be able to put the headstone in place, the cemetery must have a foundation installed and all the necessary permits must be filed. This can take up to a couple of months in some cases.
  9. Can a family bring someone in to do the make up the hair and nails for the deceased?
    Yes the family can bring in a beautician or hairstylist that the deceased may have used in their lifetime.
  10. Can a family member or friend stay behind to witness the casket being lowered into the ground?
    A person may stay behind to witness the casket being lowered as long as it is permitted by the cemetery.
  11. Should a child be permitted to attend a funeral service in the funeral home or place of worship?
    A child should never be forced into that type of a situation. It should be a voluntary action on their part. An adult should use good judgment on whether the child is mature enough to make that decision.
  12. How do you determine what order people ride behind the hearse without hurting anyone's feelings?
    The immediate family will most likely be in a limousine. But in the case where they are not, the immediate family is always directly behind the hearse. Then the funeral home director will place the rest of those people in an orderly fashion behind them.
  13. How long does a funeral last?
    Funerals can vary based on religion, tradition and beliefs. Some funerals take place over a couple of hours, others last a few days. Each religion has their own set of rules for services, burials and gatherings. Remember, that the family appreciates your attendance and will understand if you cannot stay for the funeral in its entirety. Use your best discretion. Be respectful and considerate if you must leave prior to the ending of the funeral service. The family will also understand if you cannot make the gathering after the service as well..

If you have not found the answer to a question you are seeking please use this form to ask FuneralHomes.com. We will respond as soon as possible. However, we cannot answer each and every question. If you need an immediate answer, we suggest you contact one of the funeral homes in our directory. If we do answer your question and feel it will be helpful to others, we will post it on our website. We hope our answers here have provided helpful information for you and your family.